Amy Gates - Walking Horse

  • Amy Gates - Walking Horse

Walking Horse
25" x 17.5"
Woodblock print on red rice paper

Amy Gates grew up in rural Connecticut surrounded by a family of artists.  Her mother and both of her 2 sisters are incredibly creative.  Making art has always been a very natural and constant part of her life...simply part of the daily flow.

In her teenage years she got into making drawings and wood cut prints and also writing. She continued on to college at the Rhode Island School of Design where she received her BFA in painting. After college she and one of her sisters started hand painting fabric and producing clothing, large tents and tapestries. This is where her love of working with fabric began.

After the 2016 presidential election, she felt a strong need to speak.  She needed to say something visually with words so she carved a woodblock alphabet and started printing words and designs on paper and putting them into patterns.  The act of carving wood blocks forced her to slow down and become meditative and quiet. "Even what you choose to say is slowed down - one letter printed at a time."

She has also collaborated with Red Canary, a digital textile printer, to help turn her designs into gorgeous linen towels and prayer flags. Amongst her influences she includes early American art and quilt-making, folk art, and decorative patterns.