Amy Gordon - The Voice

  • Amy Gordon - The Voice

The Voice
20" x 20" x 2"
Mixed Media on canvas

Amy Gordon is a fervent and soulful painter and designer. Her abstract work is a direct reflection of her true self and her diverse polarities. After growing up in small town rural North Carolina she moved on as a fabric and menswear designer in New York City, London and San Francisco working for Geoffrey Beene, Oscar De La Rente and Nautica. Add to that her knowledge of mindful yogic teachings and you have an artist who dips deep into the well of diversity and cosmic spirituality.

Through color, texture and negative space, she mimics the ebb and flow of life. Employing acrylics, oils, pastels, metals, composites and spray paint, she organically combines her materials with her fingers. This direct approach of personal physical contact with her work is her soulful connection to each truly authentic artistic piece she creates. Her work ranges from sleek and minimal to organic, complex and multifarious. Her pieces are inspired by the deep fragility of the human experience and serve as invitations to empathize and connect.

Gallery Representation:
X.po.zur - Westport, Connecticut
Gregory Clark - Wilton, Connecticut
Love Art - South Norwalk, Connecticut
The Atrium - Charleston, South Carolina
Aqua - Miami, Florida
Paul Robinson Fine Art - Atlanta, Georgia
Lucky Fish Gallery - Greensboro, North Carolina
Tyler White O'Brien Gallery - Greensboro, North Carolina