Andrew Blanchard - Neutral Ground II

  • Andrew Blanchard - Neutral Ground II

Neutral Ground II
Screen-print ink with wood inlay on mounted found-wood panel
36” x 48” x 3”

Andrew Blanchard has graciously requested that 25% from the sale of this painting go to the Southern BIPOC Artist Fund. With your help we could send them a $937.50 donation.

Andrew Blanchard grew up wild in the swamps of Louisiana and Mississippi. The Ole Miss Art Department found him naked, removed a thorn from his paw and awarded him an MFA. To date he has avoided jail and is currently an Associate Professor and Director of Studio Art at Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. His work delivers an honest commentary on the cultural character of the American South.

-As penned by William Dunlap, American artist/Raconteur/Bon Vivant