David Childers - Anchors Away

  • David Childers - Anchors Away

Anchors Away
7" x 5.5"
Acrylic on raw wood

"Singer-songwriter David Childers is the proverbial study in contradictions. A resident of Mount Holly, North Carolina, he’s a former high-school football player with the aw-shucks demeanor of a good ol’ Southern boy. But he’s also a well-read poet and painter who cites Chaucer and Kerouac as influences, fell in love with folk as a teen, listens to jazz and opera, and fed his family by practicing law before turning in his license to concentrate on his creative passions.

Childers has always regarded his place in the musical pantheon as that of an outsider, though not deservedly so. As those involved with this album (Run Skeleton Run) indicate, he’s well-regarded among tastemakers. Evidence includes playing the syndicated World Café and Mountain Stage radio shows (he’s done the latter twice), as well as Merlefest’s mainstage. He’s also toured in Europe, and hopes to again."

He is truly a unique individual who is blazing his own path and we at Mega Mega Mega are happy to have him amongst us. He brings with him his incredible honest and straightforward approach to art-making. He paints what he knows and sees. There is a purity in that which is rare and can be hard to find. These intimate works, often painted onto raw wood, are a view into an often forgotten world...snapshots of beautiful moments and hard working people.

Just as he considers himself an outsider in the music world, I believe that descriptor would suit him within the art world as well. He's doing things his way and for his own reasons and figuring it all out along the way.

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