Robert Childers - Hog of the Forsaken

  • Robert Childers - Hog of the Forsaken

Hog of the Forsaken
(Lyrics by Michael Hurley)
12.5" x 12.5"
Acrylic on drum head

I believe no one can better describe and sum up Robert Childers than the very man that helped to raise him...his father, David Childers:

Robert has always surprised me. As a child he spoke fluent English at an early age, but never took well to school. He was a good soccer and football player, but fortunately, at age 16, forsook gridiron for music and art. He never fit into school, where he took art but developed conflict with his art teacher. It was like that with many of his teachers. He rebelled against a stagnant culture of false religion and hateful politics so prevalent in our area. As a young man, he seemed to live in a constant state of revolt against stupidity and rigidity(some of it directed at me as well). He has always had his own way of doing things.

As he and I have now played music together for well over 20 years (he plays drums with me), I have come to respect his insights and opinions about art and music as honest and un-affected. His work often startles and disturbs me, like many of my own favorites: Goya, Breughal, Picasso, and Dali. He has an envious precision and control over the figures he paints, and the wit of a satirist in arrangement of those figures, and often in his own narratives or commentaries written on the pieces.

What I am proudest of with Robert and the art he makes, is the relentless need in him to create, and the great ability to meet that need, yet never be smug or satisfied about it. He is an inspiration and a model for me in my own attempts to paint. I am proud to say I am his father.

-David Childers

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